Trade - Buy - Sell


1. With our experience and contacts, we can help you before, during and after the purchase of your goats or sheep:

2. Send us an email stating the race, your requirements, your project and your climatic situation. If you already have the breed: Let us know the lines, in short, everything - for us - that guarantees you success.

3. We offer you animals, breeders and you make your decision. If you prefer a visit, photos, more information we are there to help you.
Be aware of the fact that some breed we offer, are limited in number as well as in quality:
you might be asked for a deposit for a reservation, because it is a guarantee for both parties.

4. Inform yourself about the health requirements of your country, because we only work in the EU and countries that have the document "TRACES", which meets all health requirements and serves as guarantee for future sales.
We strongly advise you not to transport animals without papers, because you have no guarantee and you and the seller can be punished by law.

5. If you agree with the purchase, you make a sales agreement. And you and the seller sign the document. If a prepayment is required: It is mentioned and not lost.

6. If you want to transport you decide on the terms: We have lots of experiences in transporting on the continent and on the islands. This amount is due to the transporter who have to be in possession of a CAPTAV, depending on distance (> 8h).

7. The day of departure / day of removal of the animals (with the documents for each animal) the full amount is due.

8. We are at your disposal BEFORE and AFTER purchasing for any questions about your animals (nutrition, diseases etc.). This service is free except except for displacement.

"Your success is our goal"


1. You want to sell pure animals:
Send us an email with all items (paper, original state of health, price)

2. We study your proposals and we offer you - if the animals meet our criteria - a platform with photos, information, contacts:
You are responsible for the content and you certify under oath that:
- the described animals belong to you
- that the health status is updated with the requirements of a future buyer.

3. We will put you in contact with farmers and customers and help you if you have problems with language or another. Never hesitate to contact us if a buyer does not seem serious, or have any questions whatsoever.

4. The sale, the organization may be made by you or by us. Work with a contract, ask all the requirements, and always be correct.

"A satisfied customer always comes back"

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