We prepare your transport, or if you‘d like (ask for the price), we transport the animals in accordance with the law of your country.

Our experience of over 20 years has allowed us to establish contacts with leading breeders, who respect our breeding and trading principles -. in several countries, including:
France, Spain, Azores, Portugal, Dom-Tom, England, South Africa.

We help you find the ideal line for your country given the climatic conditions, economic possibilities etc.

This is not always easy.

Most of our customers have never or rarely seen official purebred animals.

So you can very easily be fooled. We control, so you will not be disappointed!
The physical appearance says nothing about the quality of the animal. Without official papers, we do nothing.

Making a good trade cannot be our main goal!

People, who are not close to the market, cannot defend themselves

We will help you start your project with our experience before, during and after the sale.
We recommend that you buy only controlled animals.

For example from Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Great Britain.

Our goal is that you are happy!

We look for lines of breed that you want, because every breed that is not recognized by your government might be crossbred or consanguineous.
This would have serious consequences for your project!
We'll connect you with other breeders in your country, in order to develop a local market as well.
The price of the animal must be fair and should not be set according to the absence of the breed.
"Borders, crises, they are in our heads. By working together we will overcome all obstacles and be rich in our hearts. "(Our ancestors).

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