Jacob Sheep



The Jacob sheep is a very old sheep and takes its name from Jacob, who got out of the flock of Laban the spotted animals (first book of Moses, chapter 30, verse 32). Some say 4000 years ago there were similar sheep in China and Persia.
English paintings from the late 18th Century already show today's Jacob sheep, as well as photos from England from about 1900.
In an exchange of correspondence in 1913 Jacob's flock is mentionned, a flock of Jacob's sheep. Founded in 1969 in England the jacob sheep society, which today has about 750 members. In Germany, there were 24 registered in late 2005 with about 240 breeding pedigree sheep and 40 breeding rams.

In 1996 the Jacob breeders association was founded, which meets annually to exchange information and in 2006 planned a study tour to England.
The Jacob sheep is impressive at first glance by its appearance: the horns, spotted fur, and the self-confident appearance of the sheep.
Both sexes have two or four horns, in exceptional cases up to six, which are much more distinctive on rams and give them an imposing appearance. Shortly after birth you can see whether there is goint to be a two-or four horn lamb.
If the horns of the Lambs are still very soft and can break easily, they get more stable with increasing age of the animals. During fight competitions between rams, a horn can be lost.

The coat is a white ground with brown or black spots, in rare cases with a color cast that is described in English with lilac. The wool is very well suited for spinning. Sort by appropriate shades of white can be compiled to brown to bright or dark gray. Also, dyeing and felting wool is suitable. The bucks are fully grown at two to three years. The heat of the Jacob sheep is seasonal, and initial registration is possible with seven to nine months. For the development of animals, it is better if they are only admitted later.

While the first lambing usually brings out only one lamb, then twins are normal and triplets are not uncommon. The sheep have a strong maternal instinct. Jacob sheep are a frugal and sturdy breed of sheep country. On heavy soils, they are prone to obesity and reach weights which are not desirable for country sheep. They have a lean, very tasty meat.

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